I March to the beat of a Non-Existent Drum

I am a geek. I love GNU/Linux, Open Source, Rooting and Modding Android devices, Incessantly driving, helping others, Meditation, Reiki and Crystal healing, Intelligent Conversations, Finding the true meanings behind things, Snowboarding, Soccer, Traveling, Nature,The BBC, LGBTQIA+ Advocacy, Writing Poetry, Bold Makeup and outfits, Music, Reading, and living one day at a time.

I am also a Constitutional Defender, A Green Anarchist (registered as Green, but I think we should scrap it and start fresh), and someone who has opinions on just about everything under the sun.

I am a Trans Woman, Queer as Folk, and a Gray-Asexual.

Don’t like me? Too bad. I am not going anywhere.

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