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Ergo, there go I

The start of an epic…will I get back to it? Who knows…

Galaxies collide with tremendous force
Causing planets and lives to veer off course.
Planes of existence shift and move,
Making a groove
In the fabric of spacetime.

It has the effect of taking the grime
And replacing it with clean nothingness,
But, I digress.

The true beginning of this story
is not quite so gory.
It began, you see, with a man.
This man, as many do, had a plan.

What, you may ask, was his motivation?
Simply, it was one of adoration.
It was not his intent
To cause such earth shattering malcontent.

This all came about, not with a moment of avarice
But one of bliss.
For this man, was struck blind, deaf, and dumb
By a woman; he had, in fact, gotten stuck under her thumb.

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