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Let your being fly free

Who is the one that you are? Are they near Or are they far? What has kept you from finding them? I would guess that it is fear. Do you really want to live your life for someone else, Giving up parts of yourself with nothing in return? Instead, why […]

An Open Letter to People that Don’t Know Me, and Judge Me with No Information

So, yesterday, I received an email. Nothing abnormal about that, except for 4 things. 1) It was from an old family friend who I haven’t seen or spoken to in years, and would have no way to get the email address they sent it to, except by getting it from […]

Arising from the corpse

Vanquished, lying in the dirt,No more energy left.Unable to give any more to his facademade of dreams, wishes, and ideals. Totally bereft,And done with the lies of his Godof times past. Arising from the corpse,She emerges at last.She cannot hide herself anymore,no matter the consequences,She is who he truly was […]

Nurture, Nature, or Trauma?

Visceral,Empirical,Whimsical. How was I created:Nurture, Nature, or Trauma?I have tradedSo much of myself, to avoid drama. No more. It is time to even the score. No longer will I minimize myselfAnd place who I really am upon the shelf. Spending all of my energyAvoiding being me.Finding the truth in who […]

Mutterings and Musings of a Merry Maiden

The last 18 months have been some of the hardest, but most rewarding of my life. I realized a lot of things about myself and the world about me. Not just that I am a Bisexual Transgender Woman, that is probably the biggest one, but many other things as well. […]

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Beating the Screams Out of My Dreams

Beating the screams Out of my dreams, Destroying the vision of what I have been Time to buck this trend.Where am I going, where will this lead?No idea, but going to make this world bleed Not in a violent way, but adding colour to my world of grey. Time keeps […]

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What dreams may come

This is a poem that I wrote a few weeks ago about the last year, and coming to terms that I am a Transgender Woman. Hope that you enjoy (Copyright 2019 under Creative Commons). Am I rightIn taking flight? In being true to myselfI have had to break the oldConceptions […]

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