Schenectady, NY, USA


Beating the Screams Out of My Dreams

Beating the screams Out of my dreams, Destroying the vision of what I have been Time to buck this trend. Where am I going, where will this lead? No idea, but going to make this world bleed Not in a violent way, but adding colour to my world of grey. […]

The swinging of my soul

I wrote this back in 2009 – originally posted on my DeviantArt. Like the earth floating through the atmosphereor man as he searches for the truth,the beginning of the ending,nothing is clear… What is happening now, nothing makes senseI don’t know what’s going onPlease lift the drifting, dripping fogfrom over […]

A Retrospective Introspective

Written in 2011 – Originally posted on my DeviantArt. Working towards an ends,Alienating all of my true friends,Living with self as the most important thingMy past makes me think of Gollum and the Ring. Evil, twisted, and sadistic thinking,And that was when I wasn’t drinking! Now that I have found […]

Ergo, there go I

The start of an epic…will I get back to it? Who knows… Galaxies collide with tremendous forceCausing planets and lives to veer off course.Planes of existence shift and move,Making a grooveIn the fabric of spacetime. It has the effect of taking the grimeAnd replacing it with clean nothingness,But, I digress. […]

The Modern Day Philosophy

This is a poem that I wrote for my Critical Thinking class that I took back in 2006. Originally posted on my DeviantArt. People today don’t like to thinkNo one uses their brains anymore, in fact, they’re starting to stink,Everyone watches the TV news,Hell! The U.S government gives her citizens […]

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I am a Gypsy at heart. Every time I go to work or home, I just want to keep going… Where? I don’t know. Every time I see an out of state license plate, hear a new accent, or hear about a city, town, or state that sounds like it […]

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Working Title Here

I don’t know why when I think about you thoughts and dreams come into view. I give you my thoughts, my dreams, my prayers, my affection, my time Waiting, wondering, worrying, what will happen when you find out who you are. Will you be my lovely partner in crime Or […]

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