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A Retrospective Introspective

Written in 2011 – Originally posted on my DeviantArt.

Working towards an ends,
Alienating all of my true friends,
Living with self as the most important thing
My past makes me think of Gollum and the Ring.

Evil, twisted, and sadistic thinking,
And that was when I wasn’t drinking!

Now that I have found the way,
I don’t have to let my lifeblood slip away,
nor lose my soul
eyes only on the goal
of looking out for number one
and finishing life while still on the run.

Now I have hope
and it surely isn’t scoring some dope

I love myself today
now that I have left that chaotic fray.
Blaming all the bad on anything and anyone I could,
and all the good,
That was all ME!

Instead of constantly living in any time but the current one,
and only seeing my life as done…
before it ever started.

Today, I enjoy the ride
living each day as if the world were my new bride;
Life is an adventure for the taking!
It is mine for the making!
Today I love me, and you!
Life is no longer so Blue!

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Ergo, there go I

The start of an epic…will I get back to it? Who knows…

Galaxies collide with tremendous force
Causing planets and lives to veer off course.
Planes of existence shift and move,
Making a groove
In the fabric of spacetime.

It has the effect of taking the grime
And replacing it with clean nothingness,
But, I digress.

The true beginning of this story
is not quite so gory.
It began, you see, with a man.
This man, as many do, had a plan.

What, you may ask, was his motivation?
Simply, it was one of adoration.
It was not his intent
To cause such earth shattering malcontent.

This all came about, not with a moment of avarice
But one of bliss.
For this man, was struck blind, deaf, and dumb
By a woman; he had, in fact, gotten stuck under her thumb.

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The Modern Day Philosophy

This is a poem that I wrote for my Critical Thinking class that I took back in 2006. Originally posted on my DeviantArt.

People today don’t like to think
No one uses their brains anymore, in fact, they’re starting to stink,
Everyone watches the TV news,
Hell! The U.S government gives her citizens their views.

Bush and his lackeys tell us what to believe,
That should be reason enough to grieve,
The information that we receive,
Is given to us, only after it has been filtered through a sieve.

In order for us to find out the truth
We must all get out of our personal soundproof booth,
And find out all the sides of the issues,
We must pick and choose,
To glean the truth out of the subterfuge, of our government,
To fix the huge hole that has been rent,
In the real truth of the matter in our society;
To bring about in our world a sobriety,
We need to cut through the web of falsehood,
To decipher the full picture, we must experience both bad and good.

How do we solve this quandary???
We need to pull out our dirty laundry
And air it out in the bright sunlight,
To find the truth, you need both wrong and right.

Our world as a whole, as I am sure you know,
Has sunk to a blissful new low.
Can we stop this flood of ambivalence?
Is there any way to help it all make sense?

There is a way to remove this poison that we
Have been drinking,
The antidote is a splash of Critical Thinking,
A buoy is rising, helping us float,
Lifting us high enough to grab this monster by the throat.

Get behind it, give a twist,
Until its head begins to list,
Pull out your knife, give a slice,
Until its skin feels like ice.

But Wait! Before this evil is laid to rest in his eternal bed,
There is one more thing to do to make sure that he is dead.
Jump upon him
As his eyes become dim
Open your mouth, take a bite,
You have become the victor of this fight
As you sit there, you feel a warm, invigorating rain
For in your teeth, you hold the monstrous beast’s most vital jugular vein!

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Working Title Here

I don’t know why when I think about you
thoughts and dreams come into view.

I give you my thoughts, my dreams, my prayers, my affection, my time
Waiting, wondering, worrying, what will happen when you find out who you are.
Will you be my lovely partner in crime
Or will we simply be friends who can share…
Everything, or nothing.

I don’t know, it’s not up to me.
Either way, when it happens, it will set me free.

Either to give you my all,
or to work through the pall,
get up and try anew.