Schenectady, NY, USA

Beating the Screams Out of My Dreams

Beating the screams

Out of my dreams,

Destroying the vision of what I have been

Time to buck this trend.

Where am I going, where will this lead?

No idea, but going to make this world bleed

Not in a violent way,

but adding colour to my world of grey.

Time keeps ticking on, as I re-create myself;

Taking things I ignored off of the shelf.

Building speed like a grain of sand

Picking up things that I rejected off-hand,

as being implausible or simply laughable.

Instead, all of these thoughts, hopes, and fantasies,

That I believed to simply be fallacies…

Hold more truth inside than a jaded bride.

Come to find out, I am all of the things that I rejected

and ignoring them simply left me feeling dejected,

While embracing the confusing and unknown

brought the light in and gave me dominion upon my new throne.

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