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Amanda Palmer is My Hero!

Amanda Palmers’s blog post about “A poem for Dzhokhar,” is beautiful. NO, not in its imagery, or similes, or its rhyme scheme (because it doesn’t have any), but because at the time I read it, it had over 2,000 comments on it (Some hate filled, some love filled, and everything in between.)

That’s right, you read right, A POEM, Written 2 DAYS AGO, had over 2,000 separate reactions! And this in the age of instant gratification and the days of “Tell Me What to believe!”, and Fuck Art and History and Geography and Literature, and give me what I want NOW! a POEM (written in 9 minutes) created so much controversy that it was front page news on tons of news outlets, prominent blogs, etc. (just Google “Amanda Palmer Poem,” and see for yourself.)

So, Kudos to you, Miss Palmer, good job at shaking up the norm, and maybe, just maybe, getting some people to think for themselves.


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