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A Retrospective Introspective

Written in 2011 – Originally posted on my DeviantArt.

Working towards an ends,
Alienating all of my true friends,
Living with self as the most important thing
My past makes me think of Gollum and the Ring.

Evil, twisted, and sadistic thinking,
And that was when I wasn’t drinking!

Now that I have found the way,
I don’t have to let my lifeblood slip away,
nor lose my soul
eyes only on the goal
of looking out for number one
and finishing life while still on the run.

Now I have hope
and it surely isn’t scoring some dope

I love myself today
now that I have left that chaotic fray.
Blaming all the bad on anything and anyone I could,
and all the good,
That was all ME!

Instead of constantly living in any time but the current one,
and only seeing my life as done…
before it ever started.

Today, I enjoy the ride
living each day as if the world were my new bride;
Life is an adventure for the taking!
It is mine for the making!
Today I love me, and you!
Life is no longer so Blue!

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